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Wangari Kamau


My passion for working on wellness awareness came from two life-altering events, moments of profound upheaval that nudged me toward the path of healing and self-discovery. The first event arose when I found the courage to raise my voice against unequal pay. Standing up against the establishment was daunting, made worse by the intense backlash stemming from dehumanizing treatment. I found myself alone, navigating the vast and intimidating ocean of emotional trauma. The second event arrived when my almost 30 year marriage ended. Suddenly, I was standing at the precipice of my 50s, left with the task of redefining my identity beyond what had always anchored me. My world was shaken, yet from these earth-shattering events I learned to piece together a new version of myself, stronger and more resilient.

As I worked through these major changes, I sought healing through formal therapy, enriching my soul with meditation, purposeful travel, and healthy living. These tools were my beacon, guiding me toward my center, my sanctuary of inner peace. Through these trials and tribulations, I was transformed, kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes? 🙂

I bring to you not only my life experiences but also my professional expertise in global training and development which includes designing and leading retreats and workshops for diverse participants. As a seasoned effective coach I weave wellness into the fabric of my teachings using my meditation facilitation certification, curate travel experiences drawing on my own global travel for work, and with family and friends to promote deeper understanding of people, places and culture.

I am delighted to share all this with you too as you embark on your wellness path.

Virtual Wellness Webinar

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“Wangari has worked with me through a challenging time in my life with patience, compassion while encouraging self-accountability. Fast Forward today, I am leading a more meaningful life in my new normal.”

– Judy

“I have struggled with mental wellness and with formal therapy and integrative wellness coaching with Wangari have managed to maintain a balance in my life with inner peace.”

~ Dorcas

“Being diagnosed with an illness was very scary for me and navigating the treatment protocol was daunting. Wangari worked with me to carve out time for meditation with the technique that worked best for me. This has helped me stay centered as I go through my treatment.”

~ Sandra

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