Tembeya Wellness Retreats
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Tembeya Wellness Retreats

The art of healthy living with Wangari Kamau.

Feast on your life by taking charge of your whole self; mind, body & soul. Time to just stop existing. You are worthy & enough and have the power to decide what to do with your life. Find what gives your life dignity and purpose and use your unique gifts.

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Work With Wangari

To reset and get to inner peace.

One on One Sessions

Experiences curated just for you.

Wellness Retreats

Destination Kenya. This time an empowerment meditation safari retreat for women 50+ focusing on life’s transitions.

Virtual Wellness Webinar

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on your path towards a more balanced and healthier you.


“Wangari has worked with me through a challenging time in my life with patience, compassion while encouraging self-accountability. Fast Forward today, I am leading a more meaningful life in my new normal.”

– Judy

“I have struggled with mental wellness and with formal therapy and integrative wellness coaching with Wangari have managed to maintain a balance in my life with inner peace.”

~ Dorcas

“Being diagnosed with an illness was very scary for me and navigating the treatment protocol was daunting. Wangari worked with me to carve out time for meditation with the technique that worked best for me. This has helped me stay centered as I go through my treatment.”

~ Sandra

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